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Keep your employees safe in post-Covid19 office.

Cohaver offers easy to use platform for managing and booking available desks in your office.  

In social dinstancing environment, you are under pressure to provide your employees with solutions that keep them healthy and your business safe and running.

We are here to make it easy for you.


Effective use of your desks.

Are you worried that your teams are not using available desks effectively?

Do they have to make plenty of calls to find out when their coworkes are going to be in the office?

Are you using all the desks available? Or are you worried that you are paying for the empty office?


Intuitive. Easy to use.

No training required to use the platform.

Your employees will see the layout of the office, mark the desk they want to book, along with the time required.

That's is.

No programming

You don't need to be a programmer to set up the service and prepare reports. Choose from pre-customised solutions and just choose which report you want.

Fast set-up

You can be up-and-running in a matter of minutes. All you need is a plan of your office and list of your employees. Don't have the plan? Just sketch it on a napkin.


See which desks are used and who is making the most of it. Do you want to let your people know how often they used the space?

How it works

Nice and easy


Set up your office.

Upload any pdf or jpg file with office layout, you can even send a scan of a sketch on a napkin.
Drop pins that mark available desks, you can also choose some additional options.


Upload the list of your emplyees.

Simply type it or upload the list from Excel file.


There is no Step 3. You are ready to go now.

That's all. It's that easy.


See plans

Have a look at our attractive plans and start making the most out of your office space today!



Still not sure?
Have a quick look at our demo!


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